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1010 Grand Blvd
Kansas City, MO 64106

T: 816-860-3008

About UMB

Time tested, reliable and independent. UMB has been a dependable provider of corporate trust services for more than 60 years and administers over $55 billion in debt with over 6,400 debt and escrow transactions. UMB holds approximately $11 billion in assets under administration including approximately $2.5 billion in money market and pool balances in our trustee and agency appointments.

Since 2007 we’ve consistently been ranked as the fourth largest municipal trustee and paying agent nationally in terms of transactions.

With offices in Kansas City, St. Louis, Denver, Oklahoma City and Minneapolis, and approximately 55 corporate trust professionals, we are uniquely structured to meet the needs of the Midwest, Rocky Mountain and national municipal and corporate marketplaces.

What We Do
Municipal Services

Bond Trustee, Paying Agent, Registrar and Dissemination Agent Services
We provide bond trustee and agency services to municipal and corporate issuers of taxable or tax-exempt debt. Depending on our appointment, we will provide either all or part of the administrative, paying agent, record keeping and asset custody services.

Non-Municipal Services
Escrow and Custodial Services

We also provide an array of escrow-related agency and single purpose custodial services to corporations, not-for-profits, partnerships and other business entities and individuals. These escrow services can be associated with a corporate transaction such as a merger and acquisition, an asset purchase or sale but may also address a variety of other transactional needs.

UMB values the relationship with each customer. Our administration team brings a wealth of knowledge related to Corporate Trust and the reinsurance business to enhance the value of our relationship. Our reinsurance customers have all the contact information they need to talk directly with their team by phone or email to address any needs in a timely manner. Our team is quick and responsive to any service needs.

Our Reinsurance services include: Multiple Investment Options, On-Line Account Access, One point of contact with a dedicated team for support and 24 hour account set up.

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