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TecAssured™ is an Out-of-the-Box Fully-Customizable Administration System & Rating Engine for Warranties, Vehicle Service Contracts, and Ancillary Products!

Great for Independent Agents, Dealers, Program Administrators, Lending Facilities or Insurance Carriers

Over The Edge, the company behind TecAssured™, specifically serves the unique needs of managing General Agencies, Dealers-Vendors, Program Administrators, Lender, and Insurance Carrier business. We have extensive experience, 40+ years of combined auto industry & F&I products knowledge, in creating technology solutions for rating and administration (insured and non-insured) and working with program business, company-specific, and specialty Warranty and Service Contract products.

The TecAssured™ Administration Software Suite offers a full line of rating, administration and distribution modules covering all fifty states (plus DC), and addresses all business needs and products including Commercial-Auto, Inland Marine, RV, Motorsport, PPM, and Loyalty Programs. And, our Rating Engine can be implemented in a variety of ways, including in-house and cloud-based web applications, with or without the use of the full system suite.

With an innovative end-to-end system that includes a full-featured user interface, powerful rating engine, standard PDF worksheet output, and complete API web services for any customizations, TecAssured™ offers a complete solution that is fast and easy to implement, yet able to provide the depth of rating content required of MGAs, Dealers-Vendors, Program Administrators, Lending Facilities and Insurance Carriers.