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2400 Louisiana Boulevard NE
Building 4, Suite 100
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87110

T: 877-881-2244

About SouthwestRe

We deliver more! Now a proud subsidiary of iA Financial Group, SouthwestRe is a service-driven company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with offices in Dallas, Texas. Founded in 1985, SouthwestRe is one of the nation’s leading Third Party Administrators and providers of reinsurance programs. We are perhaps best known to the general public for service contracts sold under the names First Automotive, PowerRev, ProTrek, and TruckGuard. Our goal is to deliver more profit, more service and more solutions.

More reinsurance expertise and more profit. For over 30 years, reinsurance programs crafted by the experts at SouthwestRe have been instrumental in increasing profits for dealers, agents, lenders, real estate brokers and other industry professionals. A reinsurance company built by SouthwestRe can provide you with greater underlying profits, for significantly less cost, than similar reinsurance companies offered by many of our competitors. Our philosophy is: It’s your money; you should keep it.

More experience, more resources and more solutions. SouthwestRe is a leading Third Party Administrator of F&I products, with the industry knowledge and resources necessary to take our clients’ business to the next level. Our complete administrative solution includes product development, compliance, underwriting, policy administration, adjudication, licensing, insurance and more. In other words, we do it all so you don’t have to. We are perhaps best known to the general public for service contracts sold under the First Automotive, PowerRev, ProTrek and TruckGuard names, which offer coverage for cars and trucks, powersports vehicles and motorcycles, RVs, and Class 3-8 trucks.

For more information about reinsurance or the many services and programs SouthwestRe offers, please contact us today.

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