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Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Contact Information:

2244 Faraday Avenue
Suite 148
Carlsbad, CA 92008

T: 760-444-6070

About Nano Liquid Glass Protector

Nano Liquid Glass Protector is a newly developed windshield protective product that is a unique, long-lasting, polymer coating that creates a hydrophobic (water repellant) surface on the glass. Using propriety Nano-Chemistry originally developed for the space program (NASA), NLGP penetrates into the the micro crevices of the glass and chemically bonds to the surface. It creates a slick, durable coating that offers several benefits:

First, it significantly improves scratch resistance. It is measured to be 5-10 times more resistant to scratching than un-treated glass. This helps your windshield to resist chips from rocks and pitting from sand and other debris.

Secondly, it imparts water repellency that significantly improves visibility and reduces night glare while driving ion the rain. A must for Seniors and the vision impaired….

Thirdly, NLGP will last for years because it chemically bonds to the glass. It is not affected by detergents, road salt, sand abrasion or wiper agitation. NLGP will last through hundreds of car washings and years of driving in the rain.

With application Agent pricing starting at just $2.44 per windshield pre-loading the entire new/used car inventory is sensible and the sales opportunities on the service drive are incredible!

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