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Modern Auto Protection

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Telephone: 800.531.1925 Ext. 2297
Fax: 800.728.5065

About Modern Auto Protection

Modern Auto Protection (MAP) is a fully insured vehicle service contract program which allows dealers to build stronger relationships with their customers, and stand out from the competition!

Our MAP program empowers customers by enabling them to build their own coverage. Customers get to choose exactly what they want, need, and can afford – rather than just what is being SOLD to them!

With term months up to 72 months, term miles up to 200,000, and vehicle years up to 20 years old, our simplified packages provide customers with ultimate peace-of-mind as they drive into the future.

The Modern Auto Protection program is fully insured by an A.M. Best “A” rated insurance company, marketed nationally by KISS Concepts Group, and provided/administered by American Auto Shield.

The focus of MAP is to make our products and partnerships SIMPLE, TRANSPARENT and PERSONALIZED! To learn more visit or call 877-686-7154, Ext.# 2297

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