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T: 727-415-7474

About Maximus Automotive Consulting

Maximus Automotive Consulting was founded by Bob Sparks or as his friends, in the industry call him “Sparky”.

Bob has 42 years in Sales, F & I Management and Product Administration.As a Vice President for Ryan Ins. Group, Bob managed Ryan’s number 1 Region in the United States. Taking it to over 42 Million dollars in sales per year.
Bob was also awarded back to back Vice President of the year, while at Ryan.

Bob was last, the Founder and CEO of Maximus Auto Group, Inc. With more than 1,200 Automotive Dealers all across the United States. Before he retired 2 years ago. He was known as a Field General and needed to be selling new business and training F&I Managers. He loved being a road warrior and lived in airplanes, hotels and rental cars. Bob was responsible for helping many new Agents, start their own Agency. Something he was very proud of.

In the arena of Automotive Gladiators, Bob loved Maximus and the competition of selling new business. He was very hands on and would jump in the car with Agents, all the time. Working side by side with them.

Bob’s never ending enthusiasm and the love of closing business. Gained him the respect of those Agents he came in contact with. Along with a great big heart, loyal to a fault and big smile.

What better person and Maximus Automotive Consulting. Could possibly consult any Agent in their Agency, developing, selling and training their employees? Call Maximus Automotive Consulting today.

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