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Endurance Dealer Services

Contact Information:

400 Skokie Blvd
STE 105
Northbrook IL 60062

T: 877-414-0134
F: 847-728-2113
Contact Person: Aaron Segal

About Endurance Dealer Services

Endurance Dealer Services (EDS), the premier provider of auto-related products and services in the nation, administers and markets custom programs for agents, dealers, and financial institutions nationwide. Established in 2001, EDS is known for their straightforward way of doing business, generous profit sharing programs, and award-winning service. EDS provides top quality F&I products that can fortify your business, recession proof your dealerships, and help you design a customer experience that fosters long-term relationships and repeat sales.

Our unique portfolio of vehicle protection products includes the most extensive coverage, aggressive eligibility guidelines and best pricing in the industry, plans for vehicles up to 15 years old with up to 175,000 miles at time of sale, as well as GAP and a wide range of ancillary products.

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