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Ryan Hanlon

Ryan Hanlon

Managing Director

Ryan Hanlon has been involved in forming and managing reinsurance companies with Portfolio since 2004, currently serving as a Managing Director (MD).

Based out of the Los Angeles area, Ryan came out of the retail car business and started on the agency side of the business in 2004. In 2008, he transitioned to Portfolio’s corporate team under the Western MD’s, Mark Geweke and Graye Wolfe. In 2013, Ryan began working with Portfolio’s Eastern MD, Greg Hoffman, to spearhead Portfolio’s expansion plan into key underpenetrated markets.

Ryan has formed and currently manages more than 90 reinsurance companies that receive premium from more than 150 dealerships in 15 States. Ryan is passionate about bringing the Portfolio model to dealers. He has seen firsthand the substantial personal wealth created for dealers and their families. Companies formed and managed by Ryan have distributed tens of millions of dollars in dividends, in addition to facilitating significant access to capital via dealer loans.

In his role of bringing the Portfolio program to successful income development agencies, Ryan’s leadership style is to build quality, long-term relationships with professional agents and dealer clientele. By delivering Portfolio’s flexible reinsurance model in concert with professional local agencies, the end result is turnkey personal wealth creation for ownership; in both the dealerships as well as within the affiliated reinsurance companies.

Ryan lives in Ventura, CA with his wife Stacy and their four children, ages 10-15. His personal interests include scuba diving, biking & cigars.

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