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Rhonda Pinkerton, FLMI

Rhonda Pinkerton, FLMI

Compliance Director
The Tribal Domicile

Ms. Pinkerton is the Compliance Director for The Tribal Domicile enforcing and administering the provisions of the Delaware Tribe of Indians Business Corporation Act and Insurance Act. The Tribal Domicile of the Delaware Tribe of Indians is a specialized insurance domicile targeting the insurance-reinsurance-obligor facilities needed by vehicle dealerships and other specialized producers.

Ms. Pinkerton is co-owner of PH Re, a consulting firm specializing in product design; pricing and reserving; risk management; and risk transfer solutions for debt-related protection products.

Ms. Pinkerton was CREDITRE’s primary consultant on wireless equipment insurance, vehicle protection products and risk management. She presented each year at CREDITRE’s Debt Protection Products Conference and its F&I Office Protection Products Conference.

Ms. Pinkerton joined CREDITRE as an actuarial analyst in February 2001, having worked in the credit-related insurance industry with Associates Insurance Group as an actuarial analyst and with Zale Insurance Group as a financial/business analyst. Prior to working in the credit-related insurance industry, she worked for 16 years in various capacities involving ordinary life, annuities, major medical, self-insured plans, and long term care.

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