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Kevin Graven

Kevin Graven

AutoMethod F&I Agency

Kevin Graven has been in the auto business for 18 years. His positions have included marketing manager, BDC man- ager, commercial sales manager, new car manager, F&I manager, general sales manager, general manager, account executive, and corporate F&I trainer.

He began his career in the car business as a college intern for marketing in a dealership. Eight years later his retail experience culminated with being a general manager.  He moved on to the F&I agency side of our industry where he has been developing talent and results for the last 10 years.

Kevin believes that the discipline it takes in developing people and processes to be successful in the auto industry can translate amazingly into other industries. In 2012, he tested this theory and opened up two indoor trampoline parks where he used his auto discipline to create two of the highest “net to sales” indoor trampoline parks in the country.
After experiencing entrepreneurial success, Kevin and his business partner, Andy Schultz, created the AutoMethod F&I agency. In the last three years, the Retention Performance Method (RPM) that Kevin and Andy use in developing sales and F&I talent has produced fantastic and sustainable results for their dealer partners. This unique approach builds upon the traditional “road to the sale” training by incorporating a stronger base foundation of sales skills and leadership development.
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