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Joe Spivak

Joe Spivak

President & Owner
Dealer Profits Inc.

Joe’s history calling on dealers in the Chicagoland area goes back more than 30 years. After graduating from Illinois State University, his introduction into the new car dealer came through an un-likely source: Mike Ditka and the Chicago Bears. Spivak was one of the last guys

cut from the Chicago Bears during their Super Bowl era in the mid ’80 s. He was then recommended by Mike Ditka to join a large automotive wholesale supplier in the Chicagoland area, and the rest was history.

Spivak moved on to form his own agency over 20 years ago and continues to call on new prospects and existing clients every week. He says he truly does enjoy facing the challenges shoulder to shoulder with today’s new car dealer. Spivak’s lifelong philosophy has always been “ACE: Attitude, Character, Enthusiasm,” which he tries to carry into every dealership he visits. He services large dealer groups as well as single-point locations and enjoys providing them solutions that drive customer satisfaction as well as profitability. Spivak feels that we as agents absolutely need to embrace technology and change in our industry while never abandoning some of the basics.

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