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Dr. Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.

Dr. Kerry Johnson, MBA, Ph.D.

America’s Sales Psychologist 

Speaking at least 10 times each month, Dr. Kerry Johnson logs over 8,000 miles each week internationally from New York to New Zealand and from London to Los Angeles. As a pro tennis player in the Mid 1970s, Kerry competed against the world’s best.

Today he brings his experience in professional sports, univer- sity research and business to communicate ideas that will help your attendees greatly improve their skill, performance and motivation. Kerry’s programs are consistently rated “excellent” by audiences around the world. Dr. Johnson’s goal is to provide your attendees with transferable content, appli- cable entertainment, and audience participation that will keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

A prolific writer, Kerry contributes monthly to at least 15   well known magazines. He is the author of 7 books including, Master- ing the Game (Louis and Ford), Peak Performance: How to increase your business by 80% in 8 weeks (Prentice Hall), WillPower: The Secrets of Self-Discipline and his newest book, “Behavioral Investing: Why Smart People make dumb mistakes with their money.”

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Randy Crisorio
President & CEO
United Development Systems
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Tim Blochowiak
Vice President
Protective Asset Protection

Randy Pazik
Accelerated Profit Technologies

Kelly Price
National Automotive Experts (NAE)/NWAN

Brian Reed
F&I Express

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World Class Dealer Services
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