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Dan Haugen

Dan Haugen

Chief Executive of Sales

Dan Haugen joined Portfolio in 2006 to head product sales, development, and operations, and served as COO from 2012-2016. Ever the entrepreneur, in 2017 he transitioned to Chief Executive of Sales to assist in the company’s nationwide expansion. Dan’s contributions have helped Portfolio deliver consistent year over year growth, far outpacing industry auto sales.

A consummate management professional, he holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of San Diego, has completed the Executive Program in Business Administration from Columbia University, earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, and has completed hundreds of hours in Management, Leadership and Technology Training.

Prior to joining Portfolio, Dan spent 6 years as the owner and CEO of Prizm Solutions, a highly respected administrator of vehicle service contracts. Dan brings vast experience in technology, sales and management to Portfolio.

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