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Brian Feldman

Brian Feldman

Executive Vice President
Spencer Re

Brian Feldman is Executive Vice President of Spencer Re, the first international reinsurance company formed in Puerto Rico. Brian has over 20 years of experience working in the F&I space. A love for automobiles drove him to begin his career at an auto dealership. In 1995 he joined Motors Insurance/GMAC Insurance as a mechanical claim adjuster for the General Motors service contact program. During his tenure at GMAC Insurance, he held several roles related to the F&I product lifecycle including claim management, product and program development, loss analysis, reinsurance and sales.

In 2009, he left GMAC Insurance and joined Allstate Dealer Services (“ADS”) as a Marketing Manager for reinsurance programs. Prior to joining ADS, he held the roles of Reinsurance Specialist at GMAC Insurance and Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer for GMAC Securities, a broker/dealer that was used to facilitate offshore reinsurance offerings

Prior to joining Spencer Re, Brian held the role of National Sales Leader responsible for ADS’s strategic and affinity F&I relationships which included automotive manufactures and their finance captives, large dealer groups and affinity relationships. While at ADS, he also led the team that successfully developed new F&I products that launched Allstate into the ancillary F&I marketplace and diversified Allstate’s F&I product portfolio.

Brian also was an Intelligence Analyst with the 12th Special Forces Group and holds a BS and MS from NLU in Evanston, IL.

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