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Powered by passion, National Auto Care has been a leading provider of finance and insurance products and programs for 35 years. We offer vehicle service agreements, limited warranties, asset protection products, and ancillary products through a national network of trusted local dealerships.

We are driven to be the best partner to our agencies. We exceed expectations by anticipating their needs (and the needs of their customers) and developing truly innovative products and services to meet those needs. Complacency is not an option. We constantly seek new ways to drive the industry forward and build our partners’ businesses. We are as committed to their success as we are to our own.

What Our Partners Say


National Auto Care is a trusted and reliable resource to our distribution partners because of our unwavering commitment to superior customer service and our culture of doing the right thing. But don’t take our word for it. See what our partners have to say below:

“National Auto Care does what they say they will. You can count on what they’ve promised, from sales to claims and all the way up to the top.”

-Tim Krejci, President
Coastal Dealer Services

“I can still call Tony or Courtney or anyone down the line when I need something. NAC hasn’t gotten saddled with big company processes, even as they’ve continued to grow.”

-Mark Hein, CEO
SWBC The Financial Institution Group

“What makes NAC different is the people and the approach to the programs and products that they put out there for our dealers.”

-Bill Kelly & Joel Kansanback
Automotive Development Group

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“Without the personal relationships we have with NAC, I don’t think we’d even get out the door in terms of the relationship we want to bring to our clients.”

-Larry Pomarico & Bill Wilson
-Southwest Dealer Services
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Our Products

National Auto Care offers a full suite of F&I products and programs that are second to none in the marketplace. We are a four-time Dealers’ Choice Award-winning product provider with countless satisfied customers. We’ve administered service contracts for 35 years, and our CEO was one of the earliest developers of GAP.

But NAC offers more than the standard F&I product line-up. We provide loyalty products designed for you to offer your dealer clients a truly unique advantage in the marketplace. See below for details on exceptional products from NAC that will help your dealerships build customer loyalty.

PowerBuy Depreciation Program

GAP coverage may pay off an outstanding loan balance, but the consumer would still have out-of-pocket costs for payments made and any down payment on a new vehicle.

That’s where PowerBuy comes in. Not only does PowerBuy provide the benefit to the consumer for a down payment on a new vehicle, but because the benefit may only be used at the original dealership or dealer group, it creates immediate loyalty between dealer and driver.

Trade-In Protection

National Auto Care changed the industry by introducing Trade-In Protection (TIP). By reducing or even eliminating negative equity at trade-in, TIP can help shorten the purchase cycle, helping your dealer make more sales!

High-Tech VSA

As today’s vehicles become more connected and technology-laden, National Auto Care has you covered! Our High-Tech VSA protects the sophisticated features that make a vehicle safer and smarter. Offering the same great benefits as our Core VSA, High-Tech is available on vehicles up to 2 years old with up to 24,000 miles.

Pinnacle+6 Service Agreement

This exciting new product is perfect for customers who lease and are looking for more protection on their brand-new vehicle. NAC’s P+6 offers our top-level exclusionary coverage with additional coverage for six important consumable parts. Fully insured and offering the same great benefits as our Core VSA, P+6 is available on vehicles up to Current Year + 1 with up to 3,000 miles.


Our Team


Tony Wanderon, President & CEO

Tony has been an innovator and leader in the automotive F&I industry since 1986; Tony founded Family First Dealer Services which was later merged with NAC.

Courtney Wanderon, Senior VP of Sales

Courtney was a cofounder of Family First Dealer Services serving in previous roles with Allstate Dealer Services as COO and ERJ Insurance Group.

Laura Clark, Chief Financial Officer

Laura previously served as SVP and CFO at companies such as Allstate Benefits, American Home Shield, and Sears Home Services.

Pankaj Singh, Chief Technology Officer

“Singh” previously served in numerous leadership positions at Aflac and Florida Blue.

Christina Schrank, Chief Operations Officer

Christina has been involved in the administrative arena of the automotive industry since 1996, serving previously as VP Marketing and Consumer Support.

Zack Matta, VP of Corporate Strategy

Zack leads corporate strategy initiatives with NAC and previously served in a number of positions for Jacksonville-based Allstate Dealer Services

Spencer Wanderon, VP of Sales

Spencer oversees NAC’s network of regional sales and support managers and works with the company’s agents and partners to drive new opportunities. He previously served in the role of National Director of Sales.

Tim Burgess, VP of Actuarial & Risk Management

Tim is a member of the American Academy of Actuaries and has roles from analyst to head of the actuarial department for Allstate Dealer Services prior to NAC.

Deby Burgi, VP of Legal & Compliance

Deby leads NAC’s legal and compliance department while serving as General Counsel; Deby’s previous roles include leadership positions at Allstate Benefits.

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Westerville, Ohio Office
440 Polaris Parkway, Suite 250
Westerville, OH 43082

Ponte Vedra, Florida Office
208 Ponte Vedra Park Drive
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082

Miami, Florida Office
10689 North Kendall Drive,
Suite 315
Miami, FL 33176

Phone: 904-403-1855
Email: swanderon@nationalautocare.com


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