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Verde Offers $100,000 Book to Agent Summit Attendees

LAS VEGAS – Attendees of the first annual Agent Summit, to be held Mar. 8–9 at the Hilton Las Vegas, will each receive a free copy of How to Make $100,000 Selling Cars, the new book by author, trainer and Agent Summit keynote speaker Joe Verde.

Verde introduced the book at the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA)’s annual convention last month. The new volume is his third guide to success in auto retail, following the well-received A Dealer’s Guide to Recovery & Growth and How to Sell a Car Today.

“I wrote Recovery & Growth in 2009 as a way to help dealers and managers plan for long-term, continuous growth in the wake of the recession,” Verde said. ” With my new book, I switched my focus to salespeople, 80 percent of who never receive any training before they hit the lot. I wanted to help them develop their daily selling activities so that they can sell more units each month and start earning big paychecks.”

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