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Agency Principal Table Captains Needed!

LAS VEGAS – Organizers of the fifth annual Agent Summit have announced that once again, the Agency Principal Only session on Day Three is expected to wrap up the show with fireworks! During this round table event on Wednesday morning, Agents will divide and conquer as groups of Agency Principals will take on the most frustrating problems, obstacles or roadblocks that commonly stand in the way to greater contract sales. Each table will be assigned a different problem and Agents will be able to choose the table they wish to be a part of. Each table will be led by their own Agent Table Captain, who will lead the group in brainstorming solutions for breaking down these daily hurdles.

At the end of the session, the table of Agents with the best solution will be selected by the Summit Advisory Board as grand prizewinners and will receive cold, hard, CASINO CASH!

Those who wish to be a Table Captain should email Randy Crisorio at email hidden; JavaScript is required and you will be added to the list in the order received. Details will be returned shortly thereafter. Table captains must be Agency Principals.

For more information about Agent Summit or to register, visit