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Register for Agent Summit 2018 – Where Time Is Money



Randy Crisorio back once again to announce and welcome you to Agent Summit VIII, appropriately themed “money”. When you see this year’s logo, please think “time is money” and “money is derived from many directions.”

This assembly of special entrepreneurs will convene from every locale to exchange fresh ideas and look for solutions to common market roadblocks, which hold us back from more money. So, get in the swing with an early arrival Sunday May 20th, and mix it up during the Summit Happy Hour – Vegas style!

But don’t get too crazy because we crank it up first thing Monday morning with a principals only breakfast session, and first up is Chicago attorney Jim Duggan with his titled delivery “Preparing to Exit” which deals directly with an agent principal’s shelf life. Interested? You should be!

Next we hear from the legal team, Matt Bartle and David Marcus with “Key Provisions of Agent Agreements”, and you may be surprised at the language that must be in an agent’s agreement, and more importantly, what must never be included in your agreement.  The agent principals only session then wraps up with an open forum moderated by four advisory board agents and closes to grab lunch before the general conference begins.

Jimmy Atkinson will light the fuse with an exposé on the state of our F&I industry, which is expected to include some focus on the so-called alarms such as subscriptions, consolidation, electromobility, autonomous vehicles and the like.

Max Zanan follows with a segment titled “The Perfect Dealership/The Perfect Dealer” and will drill into agents, the responsibility for dealer compliance. Not to be out done, our own game show host, Gil Van Over will take charge using three agent guests to produce an interactive session on dominant compliance questions of the day. That will be fun!

Finally, we’ll hear from a blue-ribbon panel of industry executives highlighting the hot topic of product growth coined “The Surging Ancillary Market”. Given a clear view of today’s revenue without ancillary sales, as it was perhaps twenty years ago, and our lives would be much different. The trend line of ancillary contract sales over the past five or 10 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. So, we close out Monday at a new early hour, 4:15pm, as the reception hall opens for exhibits, visits and your special refreshment.

Tuesday, following breakfast, we have a very special keynoter, Rory Vaden, who will bring us an important topic named “How to Multiply Your Time” and I’m certain it’s been said many times among this group, “our time is our inventory” which is quite real, but our old standby applies as well – “time is money”. Coincidentally the name of our summit for this year – money!!

“Digital Retailing Technologies” appears next with Jim Maxim jr. at the helm. As anyone that attended NADA this year knows, digital was the password for entry into the exhibitor space, which certainly could have been renamed “digital city”. Maxim always stays on the leading edge and promises to deliver clarity to the pathway of change coming in the months and years ahead.

A new training topic for the Summit this year, “Training Field Operatives” hits many in a weak spot as John Tabar takes the stage and delivers the foundation required to build a successful dealer sales team.

Following lunch, Ritch Wheeler steals a ‘trump-ism’ with “Make Coaching Great Again” and this is seriously another important focal point to improving your deliverables and cashing in at every point of participation. That’s the dealer, his F&I staffer, your agency representative, your agency, and product providers. Make coaching great again, every time, with purpose.

As we approach the finish line for Day Two, Tom O’Neil jumps on stage to deliver an address on competitive targets. While we all recognize the strength of really knowing your competitors, Tom’s practices allow him to get in competitors knickers. Mind bending presentation!

Finally, Harlene Doane hits the stage to reveal “Finding and Keeping Talent in a Zero Unemployment Economy”. We all know that we’re in the people business and that their success is our success. Harlene just might give you the keys to turning a nightmare into a celebration.

As Tuesday sessions adjourn, the evening reception lights up for some cash stimulating conversation as we look forward to the start of the reinsurance symposium on Wednesday morning.

First up to keynote is Greg Petrowski. Greg has an abundance of experience forming, managing and reporting captive reinsurance, and he will certainly bring us up to date as the world turns.

Next up, a moderated panel of providing company representatives that focus on reinsurance day-in and day-out. As their segment title states, they will visit “The Vision of the Future for Dealer/Agent Participation Programs” – an important topic for enrichment and competitiveness.

Last but not least, a tag-team presentation on taxation and the impact of updated tax law on different reinsurance structures. Robert Davis of Dixon Hughes and Ryan Hanlon of Portfolio will lay out all the details we need to know.

Well, I hope I’ve delivered on the outstanding content your advisory board has built for Agent Summit VIII. I know first hand how valuable these sessions have become for today’s F&I agent.

So, get registered without delay and lock up your sunken living at the Venetian/Palazzo for the best Agent Summit experience yet. I look forward to seeing you in the city that never sleeps.