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AGENT SUMMIT: There Is No Limit to What We Can Accomplish Together

Randy Crisorio here to announce and welcome you to Agent Summit VII, appropriately themed “No Limit” for there really is no limit to the exchange of ideas we have experienced over the years as we seek to expand business opportunities.  I could share dozens of profit making stories coming out of previous summits but I’m too excited about this year’s lineup to get into that here, so let’s move on to your arrival in Las Vegas for Happy Hour on Sunday, May 21st.

Our gathering at the Paris is always electric and Monday morning launches with the ACE certification review and testing.

Following lunch with sponsors, the Reinsurance Symposium opens with common titles for both CFC and NCFC structures as “Changes, Threats and the Regulatory Horizon”.  Hear from industry leaders things you need to know today about the state of participation programs that breathe so much life into our bottom line.

That afternoon we light the fuse on Agent Summit VII with keynote speaker Dr. Kerry Johnson delivering a special presentation titled “Peak Performance – How to Increase Your Business By 80% in 8 Weeks”.

Tuesday morning strap yourself in for a wild ride with former NBA star Walter Bond.  In plain talk while breathing fire, he will drive home the fact that “No One Can Stop You But You!”

Next up – two stellar sales executives, Jimmy Atkinson and Eric “Frenchy” Melon, deliver a tag team expose titled “Selling Dealers – What Prospects Want To Hear” and hear me now – this is about closing deals!

They are followed with a structured sample of technology by Glen Tuscan aptly named “Integrating The Digital F&I Process” and if you want to get a peek around the corner, this is a don’t miss session. It’s only fitting then that Brian Reed has assembled a panel to address “The Great Debate – F&I Products Online”.  Yes, technology moves at the speed of light and we must know what lies ahead.  This panel is expected to battle it out.

Then John Braganini takes the stage to talk about the life of our business – people.  This special session, “How to Recruit, Hire and Train Agents” will definitely give you a leg up on growing staff for peak performance.

As we approach the finish line for day two, Gil Van Over steps up and brings us all up to speed on “Compliance of Today” and the role agents should be playing in the scheme of things.  Doing things the right way should be our password phrase to success.

Finally, a panel titled “Capitalizing on Lease Opportunities” led by Joshua Sonnier examines the many products available today to expand expected revenue per lease from the F&I office.  The leasing track continues to achieve greater market share and the dealers, providers and agents all need to be on board.

Evening reception puts an exclamation point on day two.

Wednesday has three important segments, no one more important than another, but with this year’s other tag team presentation on “Training Enrichments”, two prominent pros will give you plenty of takeaways on the subject.  Both Gerry Gould and Ron Reahard are well recognized in their field and know no bounds in laying tracks with “No Limit” to the potential effectiveness of adopting their ideas.

Next up “Securing Business Through Coaching” with the highly successful Tony Troussov who urges you to upgrade your game through structured dialogue that places you and your subjects in the game of personal growth.  Coaching content includes securing new business, growing existing production and keeping it for the long haul.

Last but not least a principals only delivery on “Agency Trends – Acquisitions and Consolidation” by Gina Cocking who represents an investment banking firm that has advised on nine transactions in the F&I industry.  It has been an open conversation for a few years now, so lets get enlightened by an expert in the field.

Well that does it for me from sunny Florida as the countdown to Agent Summit VII is on.  It’s a load of super content worked over by a great advisory board with a lot of input.

So get registered without delay and lock up your room reservation near the Eiffel tower.  The newly remodeled guest rooms look awesome and there are plenty of new restaurants.  I look forward to saying hello again in Las Vegas.