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Agent Summit Program Highlights

Randy Crisorio back again for Agent Summit. Following the Agent Principals breakfast meeting and the Reinsurance Symposium on Monday, May 9th, the formal program begins. This year was built with six time honored topics: Technology, Compliance, Training, Coaching & Development, Profit Opportunities and Selling to Dealers.

Most will start with a featured speaker and open to a panel of talent-laden industry experts. If you want to be in-the-know and ahead of the curve all are must attend sessions.

Mike Burgiss launches Technology with a platform to sell protection products online. As General Agent Randy Pazik drives a tech panel titled “Technology on the Move – New Horizons”.

Tuesday the 10th cranks it up with a keynote by Dave Anderson, and you can be sure to finish his presentation with some important takeaways. Next up Andrew Koblenz Executive Vice President & General Counsel of Regulatory Affairs for NADA. You may not want to know what the CFPB is up to, but he knows and will lay it out for you.

Training is next with a unique presentation by Bob Harkins and two industry guests. I wonder if Bob will introduce himself? General Agent Rick Roesel follows with a well-seasoned panel of F&I trainers that look forward to digging in on the “who”, “what”, “where” mediums of garnering prosperity through training. Mid afternoon featured speaker Eric “Frenchy” Mélon and Moderator Tom O’Neil tackle Coaching & Development through two aptly titled sessions, “Coaching for Success in Money and Mind” then “Building a Team Theme for Prosperity”.

Tuesday closes with the anchor panel Profit Opportunities: Emerging & Surging, and will be led by general agent Martin Wildgoose with a session “Get it All!”

The final day schedule could make you another million dollars this year! Wednesday morning goes nuclear with a high energy delivery of what it takes to form relationships and make deals through trust. David Horsager will take the stage and drive home the reality of business relationships as only he can. With the “Trust Edge” presentation over you’re going to have to trust me when i tell you that the two segments falling under Selling to Dealers will close deals this year. General agent Dylan Doran will stimulate all of your senses with his presentation that dances all over client acquisitions, and that’s money! Finally Bill Kelly delivers with his strong panel of experience titled “My Prospect Doesn’t Seem to Get It!”. We’ve all been in that position before.

Well, it would be appropriate to say there is something for everyone but better to say that everything is for everyone. So register right now and get your room locked up before the room block fills up. This is sure to be the best Agent Summit ever!

I’ll see you in the casino!