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Agent Summit IX: Agent Domination

Hello, hello! Randy Crisorio here again for Agent Summit IX, where the best F&I operators make their way to the city that never sleeps for an exchange of ideas that transform thoughts into currency.

Whether it be dollars, euros or pesos, the advisory board has done their part assembling a big-time lineup to address the escalating needs of our industry. As we continue the drive to “Agent Domination,” the need for escalating expertise in automotive F&I presses on, and this Summit agenda was created to take it up a couple of more notches.

Sunday’s ACE Certification and Welcome Reception put us in gear.

Monday starts with the Agent Principal’s Only morning, led off with the legal theme of protection of agency assets followed by the hustle and bustle of M&A activity in our industry. This special session closes out with an open forum among agent participants.

Monday afternoon delivers digital F&I, the status of GAP, F&I training impact and service opportunities with a focus on retailing F&I products from the drive. Wouldn’t we all like to sell another 30 service contracts each month from service? It’s happening now! So, with all of that good stuff in tow we move to a 4:30 P.M. reception with liquid refreshments to cool down.

Tuesday, following breakfast, Dave Anderson launches the rocket with ‘Unstoppable’. A theme of mobility that accelerates the build of currency. This is, of course, followed by dealer sales with ‘What Dealers Want’ and finishes off the topic with the ‘Face of Dealer Sales Obstacles’.

That afternoon features a talent recruiting pro with ‘People Are the Answer’ and back to product with ‘Emerging Challenges’ to our product lineup that has been in the works behind the scenes. And finally, the explosion of ancillary sales growth. This day too closes with a 4:30 P.M. reception to enjoy in the exhibit hall.

Wednesday, following breakfast, you’ll hear the state of dealer participation, get an important legal update on CFCs and NCFSs and finally an exposé on dealer owned warranty companies.

Well, I’ve probably laid out much of what you would learn on where you will find schedules, speakers and all of the session details.

The dates, May 19–22, at the awesome Venetian-Palazzo is now just a few short weeks away. That makes for a call to action! Get registered, book your hotel and grab those dinner reservations for the best networking program of the year!

I look forward to seeing you there!